School’s (Almost) Out Forever

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If your time at university is coming to an end, it can be seriously stressful – and not just because you are in your final hours. The future is looming and you need to start thinking about a post-graduation plan: graduate school, full-time jobs and finding something to do are all concerns on your mind. With grades, final projects and choices galore, how are you feeling?

Students in their final year at the Lakehead Orillia campus shared their opinions about ending their time at Lakehead. Most had spent 360 hours each year of their undergrad here so moving on can be a bit different, but change can be exciting. The sad, the happy, the unknown; here is what they are saying:

Emma Clements, a fourth-year student pursuing an HBASc/BEd with a specialization in English will be moving forward to a two-year professional degree in Education at the Heritage Place campus. Her stress level?  “Extremely high. Fourth year is extremely heavy and intense for its level of coursework.” She noted that fourth year has caught her off guard with seminar courses, so she felt a little unprepared. At the same time, she feels both excited and sad to finish her time at the main campus, stating: “I’ve been here for 4 years and still have two more at the other campus so I’m excited to move on with my life but again, I’ve been here for so long, it’ll be sad to leave here.”

Jake White, an HBASc/BEd student specializing in Criminology will be either heading off to do a Masters or start his Education degree. On his stress level, White asked: “Can I say 11/10?” When asked how he has adapted to fourth year and if he feels prepared for the workload, he told The Argus: “I’ve adapted much better than any other year. Staying on top of/ahead of readings is key and that took a couple years to develop. I feel stressed but also prepared, I know I have developed better time management and planning skills over the years that help a lot.”

After graduation, Business student Ben Leatherdale “will hopefully be transiting into a full-time office role at TD Canada Trust while also starting the long process of obtaining my CFA designation.” Unlike most, his stress level is under control. When asked if he feels excited or sad about leaving Lakehead, Leatherdale said: “When I think about leaving Lakehead it is met with [mixed] feelings. On one hand I am looking forward to finishing my formal schooling and start this next chapter in my life but on the other hand, I will definitely miss all the great connections I have been able to make while attending this school.”

The list of things students need to complete before graduation is long. Here are some important steps you don’t want to forget:

  1. Book your graduation photos through Lassman Studios

  2. Ensure that you have met the requirements for your program through the Degree Audit on MyInfo

  3. Talk with an academic advisor or professor about your future steps to discover more potential options

  4. Ask appropriate professors reference letters

  5. Submit your Intent to Graduate through MyInfo

We are all lucky to study at Lakehead, whether in Orillia or Thunder Bay. If you are feeling unsure about leaving the world of academia and entering straight into the workforce, many professional degree options, such as law school, teachers college, and other Masters programs, can be great alternatives that allow you to learn more about your desired path. In the meantime, information regarding volunteer positions and summer jobs are being posted on campus regularly, and these can be great ways to get your foot in the door. 


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