Divine Secrets of the Alpha Pi Phi Sisterhood

Sourced from Alpha Pi Phi Sorority – Epsilon Chapter at Lakehead University Facebook Page

Sourced from Alpha Pi Phi Sorority – Epsilon Chapter at Lakehead University Facebook Page

Wealthy backgrounds, party houses, and hardcore hazing. Popular movies tend to embody these images of sorority life, although the reality is that a sorority is simply defined as a sisterhood founded under a Greek name that is meant to bring a strong bond of friendship and values. Sororities can sometimes have bad reputations, due to social exclusion and excessive parties. However, in Canada, it can be a bit different. Though many seem to be unaware, Lakehead Orillia has a sorority of their own under the Greek Life Club, known as Alpha Pi Phi.

After taking a poll, The Argus discovered that many students were unaware that the Orillia campus has this club. Out of the students who were aware of the club’s existence, many knew because they were in the middle of rushing, had a friend in the sorority, or had overheard others discuss it. Being that Orillia is mainly a commuter campus, it was not shocking to find these results.

The Argus spoke to students who had varying opinions about the sorority’s existence. One fourth-year student said: “I think it’s great for the girls in it as I feel some would need a confidence boost and great female friends, but for me, not my thing. Love it for people who love it though. I support it.”

Taking an opposing stance, another student commented: “they’re essentially cults intended to create a divide among students and to allow people to feel superior to others.”

Another student, who previously knew about Alpha Pi Phi commented, “it provides a sense of community between those who are in it. Ours isn’t very exclusive (from the outside at least).”

Sororities are known for some good things too, as they raise money for charities and establish philanthropic causes. For example, the Orillia branch of Alpha Pi Phi supports the Alzheimers Society.

Meghan Vella, a first-year who recently rushed, said that her experience in rushing was “a great opportunity to get to know a lot of girls around campus and have fun at the same time. I was able to make so many new friends and connect with my current friends more as well.” When asked if there are certain requirements to be accepted, Meghan said that “all the girls I met while rushing came from a wide variety of backgrounds, programs and ages which goes to show the experience can be enjoyable and accessible for everyone.”  Meghan invited anyone interested in joining the sorority or anyone curious about its purpose to attend at least one Alpha Pi Phi event.

Most things in the sorority are kept a secret, so there is little you can find out until you finish the rushing experience. Sorority membership into Alpha Pi Phi is also available for students in Thunder Bay. If you want to create a sense of sisterhood, have some fun social opportunities, and help important causes, sororities can be a great choice to make your university experience more enjoyable.  


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