Where to Get Your Caffeine Kick in Thunder Bay

Exploring the coffeehouses & roasteries that keep Thunder Bay students moving

Photo by  Nathan Dumlao  on  Unsplash

As students, we all know that a little bit of coffee can go a long way when we’re studying, doing our readings, or working on that never-ending list of assignments: but how do you choose where to go to get that caffeine kick? The Argus is here to help, outlining the various study zones that the Thunder Bay coffee world has to offer. 

The Study

A favourite of all Lakehead students, The Study Coffeehouse is located right on campus, above the bookstore. A purchase is not required to hang around, but we all know how long those readings can take without a snack! With a wide variety of coffees, teas, and snacks, they’re sure to have the right refreshment to keep you going. Their location is spacious and comfortable: perfect for both group study sessions and solo work. The Study is open from 8am until 9pm, making it a great place for students living in residence to study the day away!

Calico Coffeehouse

Locals love it, and so will you! Calico Coffeehouse is located in the Bay/Algoma Neighbourhood, and they are best known for their booths, their superb drinks, and their support for local artists. With three booths, a number of tables, and a couple of couches, Calico offers lots of comfortable options for their patrons. Due to their limited space, Calico requires customers to make a purchase every three or so hours ~ but their drinks and baked goods are so good, it’s more than worth it. They also have a conference room that can be booked for meetings that require a bit more privacy. The staff is friendly and efficient, and the ambient lighting is sure to take the pressure off of all your assignments. They close at ten, leaving you lots of time to get your study on!

The Groggy Toad Coffeehouse

Sound the alarm: a new coffeehouse is on the rise! The Groggy Toad opened in downtown Port Arthur at the beginning of the summer, and offers a spacious, friendly environment with fascinatingly quirky decor, vegan baking, and Wolfhead coffee. For students, they have perfectly sized tables with personal lamps, making their study experience cozier than ever. Their snacks are from Stardust Vegan Bake Shop and are truly out of this world! If you’re not looking for any more caffeine to power your study session, they also offer Kumbaya Kombucha to keep you refreshed. This place is quickly rising in the ranks of Thunder Bay coffee-lovers and students alike. They are also open until ten every day. 

Seattle Coffeehouse

Looking for somewhere a little roomier? Seattle Coffeehouse is a Fort William staple, offering a spacious arena for students. Located in the Arthur Street Plaza, Seattle is friendly and welcoming, but not distracting. Perfect for group meetings and solo studying alike, this coffeehouse offers teas, cider, and a variety of delicious baked goods, along with their great coffee drinks. If you’re looking to study around lunch or dinner, Seattle is the choice for you: they also offer a full menu throughout the day. Seattle is open until 10pm every day, so it’s a reliable study zone!

St Paul Roastery

If you consider yourself part of the coffee elite, St. Paul Roastery is the place for you. Their team is made up of local artists and coffee connoisseurs, so if you prefer the freshest of coffee prepared in just the right way, this is your ideal study spot. St. Paul is perfect for those quick, early afternoon study sessions: located in downtown Port Arthur, the roastery is well-lit and often busy, with limited seating. They also sell their own, perfectly roasted beans, so you can guarantee great coffee at home, too! They are open until 5pm every day except Sunday, so this well-loved local favourite is perfect for those who study earlier in the day. 

Dolce Coffeehouse

That’s right: this summer marked the opening of not one, but two new coffeehouses! Dolce is located in Fort William, on the corner of Arthur and Kingsway. With lots of booths, lots of coffee, and even more snacks, this place is sure to be a winner for student life! They even have an extended patio for the warmer months (fun fact: Dolce’s patio is the innovative repurposing of Kingsway Krazy Golf!). With gelato, fresh macarons, and an array of other delicious desserts, Dolce is the perfect choice for Lakehead students with a sweet tooth. They are open until 9pm Sunday and Tuesday through Friday, and until 10pm on Saturdays. 

The Habit Coffee & Bakeshop

If you’re into supporting local volunteer opportunities while enjoying a clean and bright atmosphere, we recommend checking out The Habit Coffee & Bakeshop across from Magnus Theatre. Located in Urban Abbey (First Baptist Church), this coffee shop is meant to support the community work of Urban Abbey. The Habit craftily combines minimalist design and classic historical styles of the church to create a welcoming, simple space for all patrons. This makes The Habit great for those sunny days when you want to be outside, but have too much work to do to enjoy it! Offering great coffee and delicious snacks, The Habit is sure to make your study session an enjoyable one. They are also open until ten every day except Sunday, so you can feel free to get lost in your readings!


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