Are We Back in the 90s?

A look at the television reboot trend

Television reboots have been all the hype lately, bringing many of the old 1990s shows we once loved to our recently watched lists on Netflix. The reboots range from great to okay, to really bad; it is almost like a shot in the dark. So, The Argus has compiled a list of some reboots that are a must-watch, if at the very least to bring back the memories of your childhood. 


1.    Fuller House (Aired 2016-2020)

Based On: Full House(Aired 1987-1995)


Fuller House is a reboot based on the classic show Full House which introduced us to the Olsen Twins, though they did not make it back for the remake. The rest of the cast, such as Candance Cameron Bure as D.J Tanner, John Stamos as Uncle Jesse, and Lori Loughlin as Aunt Becky, did return to revise their former roles. This show is given a 6.7/10 rating on IMDb and is very family-friendly. However, many people feel it does not shine like the original, despite the returning cast. Fuller House is set to film its fifth and final season this fall and will air on Netflix in 2020.


2.    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Aired 2018-present)

Based On: Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Aired 1996-2003); Sabrina, the Animated Series (1999-2000)


Another Netflix reboot, this one took inspiration from Sabrina the Teenage Witch – both the early 2000s cartoon and the 1990s live-action television show starring Melissa Joan Hart. An IMDb rating of 7.7/10 puts this show in high rankings. It is known for being from the creators of Riverdale, the most love-to-hate show of the past couple of years. Kezia, a second-year English major said of Sabrina: “absolutely amazing, ten out of ten.” She is known to be a hard critic, so you know it’s a good one. 


3.    Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Aired 2016)

Based On: Gilmore Girls (Aired 2000-2007)


The smash-hit Gilmore Girls aired from 2000-2007 with a funny, mother-daughter duo and a great storyline. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled without viewers learning those sacred final four words. The reboot starring the same cast – from Scott Paterson as Luke, Lauren Graham as Lorelai, and Alexis Bledel as Rory, to some minor characters you might have forgotten about – are back again and with a surprise twist at the end. IMDb rates this a 7.8/10 and if you loved watching Gilmore Girls, this is a must-see: Rory is 32, the same age her mother was at the start of the series. Everything comes full circle. 



4.     Dynasty (Aired 1981-1989)

Based On: Dynasty (2017-present)


A cult favourite of the 1980s, Dynasty had 220 episodes and was on the air for almost the entire decade. Now, in 2019, the remake is heading into season three. It stars Elizabeth Gillies, Grant Show, Sam Adegoke, and many more. Unlike the other shows mentioned so far, none of the original cast is in this reboot. This show centers around a very wealthy family in Atlanta as they go through their family drama and issues. IMDb gives this show a 7.1/10 and it’s on Netflix. If you had an interest in Gossip Girl, this would be a show for you. 


5.     Roseanne/The Conners (Aired 2018-present)

Based On: Roseanne(Aired 1988-1997)


Roseanne was a popular show on ABC from 1988-1997. Its tenth season aired last year as a continuation of the original show, but only lasted six episodes during its 2018 stint. The show was promptly cancelled after the show’s lead, Roseanne Barr sent out a racist tweet. However, a spinoff series called The Conners aired shortly after, featuring the rest of the cast. The Roseanne series has a rating of 7/10 on IMDb and The Conners only a 5.1/10, which begs the question: can a series survive without their lead, no matter how controversial? 


6.     Raven’s Home (Aired 2017-present)

Based On: That’s So Raven (Aired 2003-2007)


Raven’s Home was a spin-off of That’s So Raven, one of the reigning Disney shows of the early 2000s. Raven’s Home is not unlike the original but did not attract viewers like the original show once did. However, the plotline is good: Raven and Chelsea are single moms raising their children under one roof when they suspect one of the Baxter children has inherited the ability to see into the future. Featuring almost the exact same leading cast, such as Raven Symone as Raven Baxter and Anneliese Vanderpol as Chelsea Grayson reprising their roles, as well as some new faces along for the ride. If you ever wondered how Raven turned out, you’re in luck. IMDb gives this show a 7.4/10, so maybe it’s time to go back to the Baxter home? 


Whether you love or hate them, the reboots seem to be never-ending – and two more have been confirmed, set to air within the next few years.


On Disney Plus, you can re-watch and will soon be able to see a new season of Lizzie McGuire! Yes, Hillary Duff is coming back to the Disney world. She will be grown up, living her life in her 30s, much like Duff is in real life. Fans who spent their childhoods growing up with Lizzie will now get to adult with her too. Will she get together with Gordo? Is Miranda back and are they besties still? Is Kate still, well, Kate? Hopefully, these questions will be answered! 


Nickelodeon is going to be rebooting Rugrats, and several other classics shows over the next few years. The cartoon hub of everyone’s childhood still airs some of the old classics and is set to be bringing them back into full force. Rugrats will get a new season featuring 26 episodes and a CGI live-action movie. Feelings online are mixed, but if you loved the show as a child, it might be worth watching. 


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