Orillia’s New Arrivals

Students will soon see Starbucks, Taco Bell near campus

Emily MacDonald, Staff Writer

Spring has sprung and new things in Orillia are coming that will make the Lakehead students jump for joy! For the longest time, the Orillia campus has remained isolated in the middle of a cornfield, but students will soon have access to new restaurants and shops. That’s right — we are getting fast food near campus, and if that isn’t exciting enough, we are also getting a Starbucks.

Costco was the first to come last summer and now the area around it is getting a serious makeover! Indian food, Taco Bell, and St. Lewis will all be offered, shortly, just across the street from Lakehead’s Orillia campus. Wimpy’s and Pizza Hut will also be opening new franchises in the new plaza. In addition to all of these tasty treats, a new oil change station will also be added to the new plaza.

Students of the Orillia campus are pretty happy to have new options within walking distance of campus.

Adam, a first-year Media Studies student, told The Argus: “Growing up in a more urban environment, it will be nice to have access to the types of stores and shops that I’m used to.”

Connor, a second-year Anthropology student, said: “I’m excited to be able to access more jobs and fast food between classes.” These new shops will be hiring soon, so be sure to get those resumes in!

Some students around campus who live outside of Orillia may be less inclined to care about these opportunities, as they may not be able to seek new employment; however, the access to new restaurants will certainly be great for everyone. We are constantly building and growing in Orillia. Who knows? Maybe our campus will even get a new building so that we can grow too… but we can’t be too ambitious, right?


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