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Craig Cardiff – Love is Louder (Than All This Noise)

Craig Cardiff – Love is Louder (Than All This Noise)

By Taylor Price Notable Canadian musician, Craig Cardiff released his double album Love is Louder (Than All This Noise) back in November 2013. The album was completed with the help of crowds from all over. Cardiff had a largely successful crowd-funding campaign, which helped turn the album from an idea into something physical. The songs [...]

April 2, 2014
The Greenbank Trio: Into the Wind

The Greenbank Trio: Into the Wind

By: Taylor Price Thunder Bay locals, The Greenbank Trio, have recently released their second disc Into the Wind. The record is composed of six songs, which were recorded locally at Dining Room Studios. Jim Breslin contributes acoustic picking, strumming, and electric soloing; Craig Smyth, the keyboards and organs; and Luke Blair, the drum beats. All [...]

March 5, 2014

The Royal Oui

Taylor Price The Royal Oui is a folk duo from Vancouver, Canada. The band is composed of Ari Shine and Adrienne Pierce who sing simultaneously throughout most of the album. The synthesizing of a female voice and a male voice throughout the album makes the vocals eerie but powerful. The vocal styling of the group [...]

February 26, 2014

CC Trubiak and his Tiny Army

By Taylor Price CC Trubiak released his new LP, Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions, on December 17, 2013. The record is a folk project, which Trubiak completed with the help of many Canadian musicians, hence The Tiny Army.  Darren Holmes, an Ottawa-based musician and photographer, recorded and produced the album; Holmes also worked on [...]

January 22, 2014

Russian Circles releases fifth album, Memorial

By Taylor Price Russian Circles, a three-piece post-metal band from Chicago, released their fifth full-length album titled Memorial. The album dropped on October 29. These new songs fit nicely with the rest of the band’s repertoire. In particular, Memorial strikes a balance between dark distorted metal riffs and wispy acoustic ones. The wide-ranging sonic qualities [...]

November 20, 2013

Continuity and originality

God is an Astronaut’s Origins Taylor Price On September 16, God is an Astronaut released Origins. This band, hailing from Ireland, have sustained their creative drive and steadily refined their multi-layered arrangements. This is their seventh full-length album since their formation in 2002. This album was released by Rocket Girl Records who worked with the [...]

October 30, 2013

CD Review: Complexity in Simplicity by Jean-Paul De Roover

By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus “Perfection takes time.” Four years in the making, Jean-Paul De Roover’s fourth studio album, Complexity in Simplicity, is certainly a prime example of that age-old adage. Produced by Juno-nominated producer Ben Leggett and De Roover, the album was recorded and mixed at Dining Room Studios here in Thunder Bay! Using [...]

March 20, 2013

Change is good: C’mon Arizona by Christan Hansen

By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus Some say that change is inevitable and resistance is futile…  Star Trek references aside, Edmonton-born synth power-pop band Christian Hansen are no strangers to change. Following the release of their debut full-length album, C’mon Arizona, it’s obvious that the changes in their lives have been nothing but beneficial. Recent alterations [...]

March 13, 2013

Love at first track: White Paint by Hollerado

By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus  2011 Juno nominated “Best New Artist” Hollerado recently released their second full-length album White Paint. The foursome, originally from a suburb of Ottawa, have performed with the likes of the Flaming Lips, Weezer, and Jack White’s The Dead Weather. The band has traveled across the globe on tours in China [...]

February 26, 2013

Album Review: Scorpion Moon by Sora

By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus Well, it’s winter and that means that most of us are looking for an escape from the cold, snow, slush and ice. Funnily enough, that is just what I recently got. I was momentarily taken away to another time. I imagined myself as a princess in a Medieval castle, doing [...]

February 6, 2013

“In to the Wild”

Saltwater by Ghost Lights, a.k.a. Noah Cebuliak By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus Ghost Lights is the stage name of Alberta-born musician Noah Cebuliak, a talented, musical poet and storyteller who has already been named a “visionary.” Born and raised in Southern Alberta, writing and making music made up a large part of Cebuliak’s life from [...]

January 29, 2013

Album review: Liberation by Flamenco Caravan

By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus When I hear Flamenco music I am taken back to summers of my childhood spent by the pool at my grandparents’ house. They were big fans of a band called the Gipsy Kings, have you heard of them? However, I’m a little embarrassed to say that this, until a few [...]

January 8, 2013

Album Review: On This Christmas Night by Lady Antebellum

By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus I absolutely, completely, unequivocally love Christmastime. I’m that annoying person who’s decorated the house and listening to Christmas music on November 12th every year, no exceptions. I love the smells, the twinkling of Christmas lights, and most of all, the music! It’s no surprise that when I found out I [...]

November 28, 2012

Album Review: July Talk by July Talk

“Star Crossed Lovers” Strike Again By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus The story of how the members of July Talk met is an interesting one. Slightly intoxicated, Peter Dreimanis sat in a candlelit basement bar, when he saw Leah Fay. It took him mere seconds of listening to her sing for him to know he’d found [...]

November 6, 2012
Album Review: Coheed& Cambria’s The Afterman: Ascension

Album Review: Coheed& Cambria’s The Afterman: Ascension

By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus This week,I gave Coheed& Cambria’s sixth album, The Afterman: Ascension, a listen. Produced by the band with Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner, and written by lead singer Claudio Sanchez, Ascensionis part one of a two-part offering. The second half, Descension, will be released in 2013. The Afterman’s concept is the [...]

October 30, 2012
Album Review: TAPOUT’s Hit Machine

Album Review: TAPOUT’s Hit Machine

By Mike St. Jean Editor-in-Chief The words “hardcore” and “satire” are rarely used in the same sentence for describing the style of a band. Enter local group TAPOUT, whose debut album Hit Machine combines elements familiar to the hardcore genre with satirical lyrics, creating a curious oxymoron. Formed in 2010, TAPOUT is comprised of members [...]

October 23, 2012
Album Review: Pinkly Things by Catlow

Album Review: Pinkly Things by Catlow

By Stephanie Raycroft The Argus After a six-year hibernation, Natasha Thirsk’s alter-ego, Catlow, offers up her long- awaited follow up to Kiss the World, Pinkly Things. Recorded at the Factory in Vancouver, Pinkly Things was produced by Marcel Rambo and Hayz Fischer. Thirsk, former signer of the Dirtmitts, co-wrote all of the tracks with the [...]

October 23, 2012
Album Review: Do What You Love by Lily Frost

Album Review: Do What You Love by Lily Frost

By Stephanie Raycroft Since its birth in the late 1980s, the indie-pop genre has been regaled as a “revolt into childhood.”British Columbia singer-songwriter Lily Frost takes this literally on her refreshing, optimistic offering, Do What You Love, her eighth studio album. Serving as a “guide to life” for the daughter she was about to have,Do [...]

October 17, 2012
CD review: Thought Beneath Film

CD review: Thought Beneath Film

Ontario based band releases EP Detours By Stephanie Simko Staff Writer While cookie-cutter music currently dominates the airwaves, Thought Beneath Film hopes to make a lasting impression with their debut EP Detours, a five-track collection that will engross listeners. The Hamilton five-piece has made a name for itself with their “textured, layered, hook-driven guitar pop.”As [...]

September 26, 2012
Punk Review: Brain Slug – Distort New York 7″

Punk Review: Brain Slug – Distort New York 7″

By John Coleman Copy Editor Boy howdy, am I happier than a possum in the corncrib with the dog tied up whenever a hardcore band worthy of busting my speakers crawls out of New York City, which so much legendary talent has done over the years. This time it’s Brain Slug that has me all giddy, [...]

July 25, 2012