The editor’s two cents

Ellen Stevens, Editor-in-Chief Congratulations everyone! Welcome back from a hopefully thrilling, majestic, exciting, beautiful, delicious, and inspiring summer.  More realistically welcome back from a summer where you probably had to work at Tim Hortons to try and pay off your ridiculous student fees, car fees, or bar tabs… Regardless, welcome back to the stimulating and academic-thirst-quenching [...]

September 22, 2014

Parking lot etiquette

From the road rage diaries Ellen Stevens Editor-in-chief I’d like to begin this editorial by stating that if by this point in your life you haven’t learned basic manners and the rules of the road ( if you have a license), chances are: you are going to get yelled at, fired, or educated by the [...]

September 16, 2014

Letter to the editor: How LUSU spends your money

Re: The editor’s two cents, September 10th Last week’s editorial started an important conversation about how LUSU spends students’ money. We’re happy to see debate on this—LUSU is fueled on student involvement and passion, including criticism and disagreement. That said, we do have a bone to pick with one of the statements in the editorial. [...]

September 16, 2014

Open Letter to Lakehead University:

June 3, 2014 I would like to congratulate Lakehead University for hosting three successful convocation ceremonies May 30-31, 2014. The convocation for my faculty took place on Friday afternoon. It was a day to celebrate the accomplishments of students from across multiple academic programs.   Near the end of the ceremony, the graduating medical students [...]

June 26, 2014

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs gaps found in Canadian education systems

Some Canadian universities ( Lakehead included) struggle to find ways of helping survivors of sexual assault Sabine Adamson Last October a Lakehead University student wrote in the Chronicle Journal an account of how the administration failed to support her academically in the aftermath of her rape by another student.   She wrote that she had simply [...]

May 15, 2014

Some progress on tuition fees

For the first time in years, Lakehead University is coming to the table with students to discuss the issue of rising tuition fees. Last Friday, the Board of Governors – Lakehead’s top decision-making body on financial and operational issues – voted to increase tuition fees for the eighth year in a row. And for the [...]

April 2, 2014

Brave Shoulders: Drinking and Driving

Every day, roughly 3.4-4.1 people die a preventable death in Canada—caused drinking and driving (MADD Canada). With drunk driving remaining as the leading cause of criminal death in Canada, it is vital that students maintain an informed mind about the dangers of jumping behind the wheel after drinking. As young adults, students face many choices [...]

March 26, 2014

I Know What We’ll Do This Summer

And it doesn’t involve Freddie Prinze Jr. You’ve probably seen the almost impressively terrible teen horror flick, I Know What You Did Last Summer. Remember it? Okay, so some of you were five when it came out. Lucky you. Basically, it involves a bunch of really bad acting and a group of “teens”—who look suspiciously [...]

March 19, 2014

Freedom from pay: The world of unpaid internships

When I was in ad school, internships were a necessary component to earning our diplomas. Fortunately this wasn’t that scary because the total number of weeks we had to work was approximately four. This also wasn’t so bad, because it was part of the program. Still, what struck me the most about the whole thing [...]

March 19, 2014

Argus housekeeping updates

Greetings, dear Argonauts, I’m sorry you haven’t heard much of my opinion over the past couple of weeks. I have been spending the bulk of my time doing some much necessary housekeeping—trying to recruit new staff, creating the new budget, and making attempts to update the constitution with my peers—along with contributing some articles for [...]

March 12, 2014

The Fair Elections Act: Fair for whom?

Speculation around the newest “democratic reform” from the Harper government By Wes Weima, Contributor Bill C-26, coloufully called The Fair Elections Act, sounds straightforward; the title itself implies this act would make elections “fairer for everyone.” While this sounds like a progressive idea, these amendments, despite the bill’s title, seem to be directly targeted towards [...]

March 12, 2014

Can we stop celebrating idiocy, please?

Also … aren’t you at university to improve your job prospects? Mike Davies – The Omega (Thompson Rivers University) KAMLOOPS (CUP) — I’ve done some stupid things in my time. I’m not going to put them all down here for the entire world to see, though. I’m not proud of them. I’ve moved past them [...]

February 26, 2014

Happy 50 volumes, and almost 50 years!

It is an honour and a privilege to be celebrating the 50th volume of The Argus.  We are almost at the actual golden jubilee – two more years – but as an extra cause to celebrate, and as a reminder of how old The Argus is, we’re looking back through history in these pages now.  [...]

February 5, 2014

Growing weary of empty statements

I don’t like promises. I especially don’t like promises when they are completely arbitrary. Have you ever noticed how politicians and community leaders will use the same talking points? “I want what’s best for this country/school/ generation!” Everyone usually cheers, but I find this annoying. My idea of “best” can be very different from your [...]

January 29, 2014

Misogyny and the music scene

Natalie Davis — The Sheaf (University of Saskatchewan) SASKATOON (CUP) — In general, when one thinks of the most misogynistic songs on the airwaves today, the mind naturally gravitates towards rap music. Artists in hip-hop and rap use derogatory wording and raunchy music videos to assert their masculinity and dominance over women, as well as [...]

January 29, 2014

The self-deprecating humour conundrum

Is it a useful tool, or are you turning yourself into weathered punching bag? CASANDRA DE MASI — THE CONCORDIAN (CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY) MONTREAL (CUP) — Self-deprecating humour is a tool I use a lot in my daily life. Chances are if you’ve met me, you’ve heard me make fun of my unfortunate clumsiness and sometimes-awkward [...]

January 22, 2014

Don’t be a jerk at work

PREETEESH PEETABH SINGH — THE DIALOG (GEORGE BROWN COLLEGE) TORONTO (CUP) — “You are hired!” Congratulations, you are new on the job and looking to make an impression. That is a great attitude to have but it isn’t enough. If you want to keep that job, keep a few things in mind next time you enter [...]

January 22, 2014
Off the grid: My year without Facebook

Off the grid: My year without Facebook

AUTUMN MCDOWELL — THE CARILLON (UNIVERSITY OF REGINA) REGINA (CUP) — Almost exactly one year ago today, my life changed forever. No, I didn’t take up smoking, only to give it up. I didn’t even become a raging alcoholic who found the bottom of the barrel for the last time. While these accomplishments may be [...]

January 12, 2014

Welcoming the new year: Plans for The Argus

Welcome back Lakehead University! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday, and that you’re ready to give 110% percent to your studies. This year I have yet to write a list of resolutions. Perhaps my first resolution should be to write a list of resolutions. Though I’m not completely unsatisfied with any particular element [...]

January 12, 2014
State of the Union

State of the Union

November 27, 2013